Sell side advisory

We are your partner for successful transactions

LOEBIG-ADVISORS supports owners and shareholders of technology businesses in selling their companies and helps entrepreneurs of fast-growing technology companies acquire growth capital to further scale and expand their businesses.

For most of our clients, selling their company is a once-in-a-lifetime task, associated with a high level of uncertainty

Optimizing value

As a trusted advisor, we typically get involved before the transaction process begins, to best prepare transactions for our clients and optimize value for shareholders.

We support business owners and shareholders throughout the entire process of selling their companies, which means we typically …

  • Conduct a thorough review of the business model, market, competitive landscape, and readiness to sell
  • Identify potential hidden value drivers
  • Develop a compelling investor/equity story for the company
  • Derive a robust business plan reflecting the equity story
  • Perform indicative valuations
  • Prepare the investment memorandum
  • Systematically develop a buyer long and short list
  • Contact potential investors and sign NDAs
  • Conduct initial sounding meetings with potential investors
  • Set up, prepare, and coordinate management meetings
  • Negotiate the letter of intent
  • Support in data room setup and due diligence process
  • Support in final negotiations and transaction closing

More than 20 years of transaction experience

Our integrated strategy and transaction approach enables us to create the prerequisites for realizing optimal transaction value and negotiation results.

Moreover, our vertical expertise, extensive investor network in the tech market, and over 20 years of transaction experience provide significant value for our clients throughout the entire sell-side process.

As M&A advisors working on both sell-side and also buy-side mandates, we have a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations of potential investors. This results in a significantly higher probability of successfully closing a transaction.

We identify and capture hidden value-creation potential in the beginning of the process to ensure optimal transaction values for our clients.

Our deep understanding of our clients' business models and industry structures enables us to serve as a sparring partner for our clients while quickly ramping up projects.

We have access to a broad network of strategic and financial investors in relevant industry segments.

We deliver the professionalism and methodological competence of former big 4 strategy consultants, combined with the experience of seasoned M&A advisors.

LOEBIG-ADVISORS is your trusted advisor, at your side handling the transaction process while you stay focused on your business.