Strategy advisory

End-to-end capabilities to master your growth and trans­formation challenges

At LOEBIG-ADVISORS, we help clients develop and implement strategies to transform their core business and achieve long-term growth. We also assist innovative small and mid-size technology companies to define and fund scalable growth strategies.

The industrial sector faces several megatrends, including digital transformation, energy transition, and geopolitical changes. Industry structures, business models, and competitive landscapes are all getting fundamentally disrupted and transformed.

Manufactu­ring companies must rethink their strategies and business models

To avoid risk of commoditization, manufacturing companies must find ways to transition from manufacturing hardware-centric equipment to delivering fully digitized products and services.

On the other hand, digital disruptors and software companies need to find sustainable and scalable growth strategies in highly fragmented market segments. They're facing increasing consolidation and market entries of large tech companies and other players from outside the industry.


We help both traditional incumbents and innovative mid-size technology players successfully navigate the industrial tech market’s transformation.

Our services:



We help companies understand the impact of driving forces on their business models, derive strategic options for the way forward, and assist in defining fundamental decisions on make, buy, partner, or sell.


We help our clients develop sustainable growth strategies and (digitally) transform their core business.

M&A /
Buy-and-Build Strategy

We help companies identify how M&A can enhance their digital capabilities. We also help clients define buy-and-build strategies for fragmented industrial tech markets in order to drive market consolidation.

Ecosystem Development

Both incumbents and digital challengers need to establish business ecosystems to transform or scale their business models. We help companies define and execute partner strategies to ensure sustainable growth.

LOEBIG-ADVISORS is your single trusted advisor, supporting you throughout the entire process of defining and executing your growth and transformation strategies.